loans Santa Monica with Google to a billboard on the high street. There is no guarantee anyone will read the billboard, or that people that do read it will have any interest in your product. Now imagine if you could place that billboard right in front of a hundreds of thousands of people all looking exactly for your product or service. That’s what Google provides.


We also advertise through Yelp. Yelp is an online web site where users can review any type of business they use. You can use their site to search for a local business in any industry and then check the reviews from customers that have used that business. We have a 5 star rating with Yelp (the highest available) and we have 100% positive reviews (which with over 30 reviews is hard to achieve)

Ten Minute Title Loans also does a lot of advertising regarding refinancing loans from other title lenders. As our rates are very competitive we can usually refinance another lenders loan and lower that customers rate and monthly payment. These loans we are willing to do at lower rates as the customer has already been through the approval process with another lender and also we can see their payment history on that currant loan so far.


Ten Minute Title Loans will use a variety of online and traditional advertising. Online advertising will be done using search engines, pay per click, affiliates, banners and email. Traditional advertising will include print, radio and TV.


Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing are the Internets version of the yellow pages. Searchers type in what they are looking for and the search engine directs them to where they are going. Marketing campaigns can be done with the search engines so that when a person searches for a title loan company, ours is recommended first.


The majority of our advertising is done through Google Ad Words (also known as pay per click) Pay per click is done with certain key words or phrases being purchased such as “car title loans” or ‘pink slip loans” The more targeted the key word, the more expensive it is to get the search traffic. Even though this can be costly, this advertising is so targeted that it is well worth it. Compare for example a person searching for car title

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