Ten Minute Title Loans has put together an exciting opportunity for investors to be able to provide the capital to finance these secured loans, and make money from the monthly interest collected. Ten Minute Title Loans receives calls and emails every day from people wanting title loans, so investor’s capital is always needed. As the industry has become more mainstream, our business has continued to grow every month.

Ten Minute Title Loans shares retail space with 3 check cashing stores belonging to one of the owners of Ten Minute Title Loans. Although the check cashing is unrelated there is a huge crossover in customers between check cashing and car title loans. A customer with no bank account that needs a pay check cashed is also likely to have bad credit, and so would need a secured loan like a car title loan should he need to borrow money.

We pay our investors a monthly interest rate that's paid on the first of each month via Mission Valley direct deposit. (see our memorandum for monthly totaols of our loans and the rate we pay.)

With Ten Minute Title Loans your money is always liquid. Should you want to withdraw your funds simply send us written notice. We do ask for 90 days’ notice, however most withdrawals can be processed right away.



Car title loan portfolios are very valuable and are in high demand. Ten Minute Title Loans goal is to have $12 million -$15 million in active loans and then either find a buyer for the loan portfolio, or the entire company. Should just the loan portfolio be sold, investors would get their capital back plus a percentage of the profit, and then more than likely we would start over building another loan portfolio.  This goal should take between 3-4 years, so during that time investors will enjoy the monthly income which is a far above average return.

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