The title loan company sets up manageable monthly payments based on the borrower’s salary, and Interest rates are usually between 6-12% a month. Most loans are done with either a 12, 24 or 36 month term, and the loan has no prepayment penalty so the borrower can at any time pay the loan off and get their car or motorcycle title back!  At Ten Minute Title Loans we charge no origination fee which is an upfront fee of usually 10% that most other title lenders charge. We can loan up to $100,000 and approve an application in 15 minutes or less online or over the phone. To be approved for a car title loan, all that is required is:

  • A clear car or bike title
  • Government-issued ID
  • Pay stub or copy of tax return
  • Proof of insurance policy
  • Utility bill proving residency
  • A car valued at double the amount of the loan requested


A title loan is basically a loan against the equity in a vehicle. Title lenders loan money on cars, motorcycles, RV's and boats, anything that has a California DMV issued title. Title loan companies accept titles as collateral, usually from borrowers that don't have a high enough credit score to get a traditional bank loan, or that need cash right away.  Unlike applying for a bank loan the approval process with title lenders is quick and simple, usually under 15 minutes, and the borrower gets to keep driving their car throughout the entire duration of the loan so it doesn't disrupt their life. We can loan a customer up to 50% of their vehicles Kelley Blue Book value.


Even though the approval process may be done online or over the phone a one time store visit is

required to complete the loan. The process usually takes under 15 minutes once they come to the

store. Before the check is given to the borrower we place a lien on the vehicle through the DMV so we have

legal rights to the vehicle. We also place ourselves on the borrowers insurance policy as “loss payee” so if the car

is wrecked or stolen we are paid directly from the insurance. We also hide a small GPS unit somewhere on the car. This tells us where the car is at all times. This way should the loan default the repossession company has no trouble finding the car. Loan portfolio’s that have GPS units on the vehicles are also a lot more valuable as there is far less risk of not being paid or being able to repossess the car.

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